The Things
I Could Never Tell Steven

-A New Revue-Style Musical-



Steven’s naïve and enduringly selfless wife. 20-30 year old female. Mezzo Soprano (G3-F5). She is fiercely loyal, deeply thoughtful yet surprisingly vengeful when she feels betrayed.


First performed by Celeste Notley-Smith.



Steven’s comically overbearing mother. 40+ year old female. Mezzo Soprano (G3-E5). She is loud, a little bit posh, regularly intoxicated, highly deluded and obsessed with maintaining the perfect image of her fractured family.


First performed by Brooke Davidson.



Steven’s distant and emotionally stifled father. 40+ year old male. Baritone (F2-E4). He is quietly reflective, highly realistic and surprisingly intuitive when it comes to Steven.


First performed by Simon Gillespie.

The Ex

Steven’s seemingly superficial and proudly adventurous Ex-boyfriend. 20-30 year old male. Tenor (Ab2-Bb4). He is more than the hyper-sexualised exterior he hides behind, surprisingly moral, he has an unassuming strength of character.


First performed by Lucas Glover.