The Things
I Could Never Tell Steven

-A New Revue-Style Musical-

A hoot. With Jye Bryant's brilliantly written music, this journey into the world of the enigmatic Steven offers a mirror to our many shared foibles, tricks and adventures into love, lust and living it to the full. Efficiently staged, and fast paced, the time flew and was amazing how fluidly the story unfolded using clever stagecraft. Catchy and cheeky.
Stefan Elliott
I found the whole thing extraordinarily well-crafted and beautifully balanced between the four actors. There was great variety in all the tunes, nothing was clichéd an it was easily understood. I must admit to being a bit shell-shocked by the subject matter as it was so true to life. I found it unexpectedly profound."
Ian Williamson
This was the best show I have seen in a long time. The music was brilliantly written, the lyrics are witty and funny and the cast delivered all of this in an amazing way. A great story that kept all of the audience moved with so many different emotions. If you get the chance to see it, do it. You will love it.
John Tweed
A special thank you to your stellar cast. They entertained me, they made me cry, they made me laugh, they made me think, see and hear. They made me listen and they made me happy.
Markus Weber
Artistic & Managing Director of Emu Productions
It was warm, emotional, funny and thought-provoking. A great piece of work.
Gloria Dodds
A stunning piece of musical theatre that was funny, gritty, moving, powerful and real.
Nicole Smith
So thought-provoking, a bit of a tear jerker, but thankfully the comedy stopped the sad tears and created fun tears. Loved every minute of it!!!
Marcus Missio-Spiteri
Nice to see a show that you don't stop thinking about two minutes after leaving the theatre.
Tom Waller
Funny, clever, moving, outstanding performances and singing and the most beautiful score.
Louise McCabe
Conversations With Goddesses
Truly beautiful, original, honest and exciting new work.
Marcus Skeggs
All I Wanted Was The Dream
Beautiful script and score for this complex and sometimes painfully true look at four people's relationship with Steven.
Simon Gillespie
SEX & Other Disasters